Last day-Bittersweet

I say it is bittersweet, but I am not really ready to go home yet. I want to travel more! From Cannes to Antibes to Saint Tropez this has been an amazing trip. 

The first day of work is when I had to go to every Pavilion at the Festival and give my company's pitch to try and get his clients invited to parties and/or events. As mentioned in our meeting last night, I was so happy that Dr. Dill had us practice our pitches because it really helped me to create a good pitch for JAZO PR. After the nerve-wracking first few tents I think I was actually pretty good at it, which was relieving and gave me some confidence for my future. I ended up getting him 2 tickets to 2 different nights of screenings, although just market screenings. But, hey, its something! I also got him invitations to 2 different private parties. All in all, Laurent, my boss, said I did a great job.

The rest of the days were filled with press junkets, working the door at parties, and last but not least, talent handling. Part of my job was walking to the Grand Hotel where hair/makeup was being done to pick up the actors and walk them to their junkets, events, and whatnot. That was really neat because I got to go in the Swarovski showroom which was awesome! The whole room was sparkling, dripping in diamonds. I also got to go to the gifting lounge at the Carlton hotel. One of the actresses got tons and tons of free stuff, including 3 free nights in Bora Bora. Besides all the glamorous stuff, being able to sit in on a press junket for 2 days was very beneficial to me. I spent most my time doing valuable things and learning exactly what I would be doing if I were to enter into this industry. Working the door at parties also was very fun because since I was checking everyone in I got the opportunity to meet a lot of people. One guy, who they call "the party crasher" emailed them 8 times a day to try to get an invite. He told them he worked for a big company but after further investigation, they found out he was lying. When he showed up to the party with his entourage he was PISSED. It was actually really funny. He kept pretending he was calling people to come get him in, but obviously he knew no one there; pretty embarrassing. 

As far as talent handling goes, which I thought I wanted to do, one actress was quite the diva and the other was sweet. For confidentiality purposes I will call the diva, "Diva" and the sweet one, "SA". So, Diva got mad she had to walk to her press junket, which was a BLOCK AND A HALF AWAY. We were all walking in heels but she was the only one complaining. It took us over 10 minutes to walk a little over a block because she was walking so slow. Another time she was getting her makeup done and apparently they were doing it wrong because she jumped out the chair, took the makeup off, and started over doing it herself. That same night Diva and SA missed their hair appointments, so naturally they asked me if I had any hair stuff with me. Wellllllll needless to say I SPRINTED to the bus stop, from the stop to Maeva, up to my room and back down and thank God there was a shuttle there! But, wait! I left my converters.. sprinted back up to my room, and back down and guess what? Shuttle was gone.. sprinted back to the bus stop and from the bus stop to the hotel where they were getting their makeup done. Let's keep in mind, all this running was being done in heels. I was only asked to go get my curling iron, but I also brought my straightener, hair spray, and a brush. This wasn't good enough for Diva though, she wanted a hair dryer. If she wanted a hair dryer she should have told me to bring one. Anyways I ended up doing their hair that night for their event. I have never done hair, ever. But they liked it and said it looked great. This is just another example of the craziness in this business. Going with the flow and being flexible are two important traits and luckily I am good at both. 

As I also mentioned in our meeting last night, I have learned more about what I do not want to do more than what I specifically want to do. For example, I thought being a publicist for talent was what I wanted..wrong. Now I know I would rather do corporate PR. This experience saved me years of being at the wrong job. I will always have goals, only now they are bigger and broader goals. You cannot always pick you job, sometimes the job picks you and you have to know if whatever picks you fits in your repertoire of what you want. If it is something you know you don't want then you don't need to take the job, but if it's something you never even thought about it but it is not on the list of what you don't want to do it then go for it! There is so much more to this industry than I ever could have imagined. 

I am so thankful for this opportunity and will never forget all the great friends I have made while here. Au revoir to all and I sincerely wish all of you the best of luck in life. Never hesitate to contact me. I think sometime in the future we need to have an IIACI reunion! 


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