Amazing Experience in Cannes *2011*

I had the most amazing 15 days the South of France that I think I will ever have. The academic internship in Cannes was far better than what I had expected. I had the opportunity to intern for a small production company based out of New York called Film Box.The film that they are promoting at the Cannes Film Festival is a movie called The Burning Man. They have a area set up at the Cannes Grand Hotel where distributors come and see if they want to buy rights for the movie or not. The Grand Hotel where I work is really nice it overlooks the beach and yacht club and the outside beach theater. It was such an amazing experience.

There are a lot of different students from all over the United States and world here doing the either the film program or the international business program. Two of my roommates are MBA students from University of Virginia and the other girl is a Communications major at University of California Santa Barbara. They are all pretty nice and interesting to converse with. There are international students here as well, I have met students from Montreal, London and Hong Kong. We have also gotten to meet many different students with majors that I probably would have never gotten the opportunity to meet before now. There are many talented inspiring filmmakers and writers here. The International Business program is smaller than the film program.

There are so many good movies here that are going to be big in the U.S. soon. Some of these include: The Artist, The Tree of Life (with Brad Pitt), Drive (with Ryan Gossling), Melancholia, and The Kid With a Bike.

When I was done with work one day Sara and I decided to catch a movie that we heard was really good, "We Need to Talk About Kevin". It had John C. Riley (From Stepbrothers and Talladega Nights) in it and Scottish actress Tilda Swinton. It was a psychological thriller and I thought it was pretty good. It was especially neat because after the film we went to The American Pavilion party and met the whole cast who were there at the party. That was probably one of my most exciting moments of the trip.

I also had the opportunity of sitting in on discussion panels at The American Pavilion. I sat in on quite a few, but I think my favorite one was "Women in The Film Industry". This panel featured Alex Stapleton, Julie Sultan, Deb Mcintosh, Natalia Almada, Charlotte Mickie, Linda Lighter and Donna Harris. These women were all accomplished women in the film industry, ranging from Directors to International Sales coordinators. One woman made a good point that until society changes how it looks at women, the entertainment industry will not change. Julie Sultan who has worked for Playboy and NBC noted that selling films involves working twice as hard and being very lucky in the industry with who you make connections with. I also thought it was interesting that Linda Lighter made the point that women go to movies that star all men, but men do not go to movies that start all women. That is something that I have thought about since the trip, but it is a statistical fact that women go to movies more than men.


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